Counselling Psychologist

Sigi Graham has been practicing as a registered Counselling Psychologist for over 15 years. She has gained extensive experience over the years in working with children and adolescents. Her constant involvement with various schools in Pretoria and the exposure from her practice, keeps her abreast of current school and social trends, giving her the insight to better understand the pressures and demands on children and parents alike.

Sigi is a mother of two school going children, and has a practical approach to working with children of all ages along with their families, conversing in English, Afrikaans or German. Her approach within her Practice focuses on the family as a whole.

“An individual’s behaviour cannot be understood in isolation but as a part of the family as a whole. I believe that a family is a system, connected by interdependent individuals. I assist families in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, by bringing about a change in an individual’s functioning which will impact the functioning of others”.

Sigi has been asked to contribute to numerous articles pertaining to parenting and child behaviour for various popular magazines as well as radio station programmes.

Rates & Fees

The Practice charges according to medical aid tariff and claims directly from the medical aid. Discounts are offered for Cash on Appointment payments.
Sessions are 50 minutes long and the first appointment can only be confirmed once the Appointment Form has been received from the client, this can be completed on-line or an electronic copy will be sent to the client when contact is made for an appointment. Apply Now

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